_ Funk Up Commercial Break

Inspired by the commercial advertisements aired on the television, this is your chance to unleash your teams’ creativity by directing a commercial film for your company’s latest product or service in different settings. Enjoy the scripting and process to position the product and pitch in a fun and creative way! Brainstorm ground breaking ideas that will capture the hearts and minds of your fellow colleagues and customers.

Group size:

30 to 50pax, up to 10pax per teamvideo cutting team building

  • Examples of roles casting
  • 1 x Main Lead
  • 1 x Supporting Role
  • 1 x Director
  • 4 x Calefares
  • 3 x Human Props

All teams will start off with a same product for different themed settings. At every 10 mins intervals, there will be a given keyword and a prop after each game activity. This keyword and prop is compulsory to be injected into the script and play.


Learning Values:

  • Exploring new experiences as a team
  • Working with limited resources and maximising the use of it
  • Teamwork and coordination in diversity culture
  • Collaboration with other departments to achieve efficiency and effectiveness results
  • Effective planning and execution
  • Innovative and optimize towards ideas