_ Let’s Get Active!

Recommended for:

Groups that are looking for a good fitness workout that is suitable for various age groups.

Get out of your office for this fitness-centred outdoor teambuilding programme, where our concept provides a goal-focused experience through fun fitness elements, eg. skipping relay, agile ladder challenge, cycling between stations and healthy-food stops.

We can customize our activities and design accordingly to the ability levels and requirements of the participants. Stations will have varying difficulty levels in the challenges to encourage participation from everyone in the team.

Group Size:

Minimum 20 pax, 100 pax

Examples of fitness stations:

  • Agile ladder challenge
  • Crossing human planks bridge
  • Tyre race
  • And moreā€¦
  • Bonus station: Juice or Healthy meals may be included as the last station

Learning Values:

  • Going beyond endurance and perseverance
  • Team coordination and team spirit
  • Willpower to overcome all obstacles, mind over body

Get Active with CO-workers