Ddakji Jjigae

team work scenario

Originated in Japan and was adopted by Korean culture in the 19th century, people of all ages come together and play a game called “Ddakji” – a popular game that is still being played in modern times. It’s a test of strength and technique to see who will flip their opponent ddakji and the thrill of besting your opponents.

This game takes the tension and stress off team members as they try their hands on making the ddakji and using what they made to challenge others in the playoffs. A unique team building program, conducted indoors, suited for smaller groups who want something out-of-the-ordinary from the usual amazing races etc.

Cost: From $60/pax
Group Size: 10 to 25
Recommended Venues: Indoors
Program Outcomes:

  • Foster stronger bonds between colleagues
  • Putting differences aside
  • Light hearted Korean inspired game (perfect for Korean theme events)