CSI team building

This game requires the group to break into smaller teams to solve a pseudo-criminal case through investigation and visiting ‘crime scenes’. It will be conducted through a role-playing scenario with participants being the investigation team. Our facilitators will be role-playing characters from the case and participants will have to complete simple team activities before being tasked to interview the ‘case suspects’. Each investigation team’s objective is to solve the case and piece together the ‘case story’ as accurately as possible.

Cost: From $75/pax
Recommended For:
 This mystery solving team building program, CSI Investigation, is suitable for groups looking for something less physically tiring as this program can be conducted semi indoors/ outdoors and does not involve intensive ‘race’ elements to it.

Group size: min 15 pax, up to 80 pax
Suggested Venues: Outdoor parks or sheltered locations, semi- indoor/ outdoor environment such as around resort facilities area or within hotel premises.
Learning Values:

?  Analytical and critical thinking skills

?  Problem solving techniques and evaluating various possible solutions

?  Logical thinking and reasoning skills

?  Observing patterns and drawing conclusions

?  Communication differing opinions and understanding differences in a team