One Dynamics Workshop (NEW!)

corporate workshop

Recommended for:
Groups who are looking to tap into the psychological and of the heart of a true team building session where the focus is to learn and understand more about your fellow colleagues and office dynamics. This indoor program is perfect for new teams, office restructuring, or fostering a profoundly deeper bond between employees & their leaders.

The program will be conducted in an indoor setting, with teams participating in various activities that involve sharing individual perspectives and a broader view of what the office comprises of. Activities will allow participants to share their inner thoughts and to brew better working relationships within the company. This program focuses extensively on a deeper level of communication and understanding between members. Our signature workshop session would advocate a better working environment in the company for the future.

Each activity has been carefully curated to enable participants to further enhance team dynamics and working together to resolve minor issues within the team to improve productivity and teamwork. 

Cost: From $80/pax
Group size: 15-40 pax
Suggested Venues: Indoor Halls or Function Room
Learning Values:
? Building a better working environment
? To enhance productivity, team synergy & camaraderie
? Better communication and a better understanding of peers