Kin Ball

Fun and Exciting Team Building Activities

Kin Ball is the newest addition to our giant ball family! It’s the perfect team sport activity for groups who are competitive as teams will compete against one another to score points to win!

How is Kin Ball played?

KINBALL® sport game is played between three opposing teams of four players each in the playing arena. Each team will have a specific colour. The objective for the team whose colour is called is to catch the kin ball with any part of their body before the ball touches the ground.

The game begins with one team serving the ball. During service, three players will hold up the ball while the fourth player yells “ominikin” along with the colour of another opposing team then hits the ball into the air. The team called must catch the ball before it touches the floor. If the catch is successful, the receiving team serves next.


The scoring system for Kin Ball is kept simple. When a team faults, a point is awarded to the other two teams. A fault occurs when a team fails to catch the Kin-ball before it touches the ground.

Winning the Game

At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins!


From $50/pax (recommended 12 pax and up)