dragonboating team building activity

Suitable for beginners, basic paddling skills will be explained and demonstrated to cultivate the interest for water sports in a team. Dragon boats are either 10-crew or 20-crew, which encourages a good form of team building as it involves everyone to communicate and coordinate their strokes in order to row ahead together.


Recommended For: Dragon boating is perfect for groups looking to learn a new team sport that encourages everyone to ‘row ahead’ in a coordinated effort
Group size:
min 10 pax, up to 80 pax
Venue: Kallang Water Sports Centre
Cost: $55/pax for 10 to 30 pax, $45/pax for 30 pax or more
Learning Values:

  •  Introduction to water safety
  •  Proper handling of equipment
  •  Basic paddling skills
  •  Team spirit and coordination
  •  Perseverance as a team