Hunter Vs Predator (NEW!)

beach team building

Will you be the hunter or be the hunted? Will you be the predator or be preyed? Only the strongest will emerge victoriously and reign supreme above all others. Both hunter and predator will need to gather the strongest members in their team in different battles of acuity and strength. When a team loses, they get eliminated and members will have to join other emerging teams after each round and work as allies. Victorious teams will grow in numbers after each round to ultimately tussle in a final battle of Hunters VS Predators. The preeminent conqueror champions will be crowned and arise at top of the food chain! 

This high adrenaline team building program will consist of 4 different components where team members will be tried and tested for their wits, strength, coordination, and team dynamics. As things start to get interesting, teams will also be required to make strategic decisions and work together to win.

Recommended For: Groups who enjoy some active fun
Group size: 30-60 pax
Suggested Venues: Outdoors (Parks/Beaches)
Learning Values:

  • Team Co-ordination
  • Strategic Planning
  • Resilience
  • Understanding Members Strengths & Weaknesses