ipad teambuilding quest


Race made different by incorporating technology in our specially customised team building program; targeted to inject the multi- elements of fun, new technology and teamwork all in one activity.

Each ‘Hunter’ team will race around the designated event location via the GPS-enabled system on their team’s IPAD which will prompt them directional instructions, quizzes, station tasks, photo challenges etc as they progress through the race. Teams will be scored based on how well they complete the various stations tasks together as a team, and upon completion of the race a final scoring will be announced.


Customisation of ‘Hunter’s Quest’ Modes Available:

+ Singapura Quest
+ Treasure Hunter’s Quest (competitive)
+ Ultimatum Mission (collaborative)
Other modes may be availability, depending on availability/ request

Recommended For: Teams looking for unconventional  ‘Amazing Race’  Singapore ideas or different types of ‘Scavenger Hunt’ program powered by IPAD devices. Allows for customisation of game quests to be related to company’s values or specific messaging.
Group size: min 20 pax, up to 60 pax
Suggested Venues: Sentosa, Southern Ridges, Orchard/ City area, Botanic Gardens, Hort Park etc.
Learning Values:

  •   Resolving differing opinions in a team
  •   Communication and clarification amongst team members
  •   Maximising limited resources and navigation essentials
  •   Keen observation skills
  •   Collaborating with other teams to achieve a common objective