Monopoly Deal Team Building

Recommended for:

Groups looking for something unique in their teambuilding programme – applying the rules of monopoly in a LIVE race version of the game!

The original monopoly game rules apply in this teambuilding race conducted in the heart of Orchard.  Players move around various ‘monopoly property’ locations to buy and trade properties, while having to pay rent to opponent teams if they land on their ‘property space’. As part of an interactive teambuilding concept, teams are required to complete mini games at the property locations before they can purchase the property.  Teams will also draw lots to decide their next move on the ‘board’. Each lot drawn may include ‘chance’ or ‘community chest’ cards, which teams can use to advance their progress of the game. The winning team is the one with the most amount of money at the end of the Monopoly Race!

Group size:

Minimum 12 pax, Up to 60 pax

Recommended Venues:

Orchard Forum and Somerset

Learning Values:

  • Improve communication and negotiation skills
  • Building integrity and accountability
  • Effective planning and execution
  • Cost-consciousness