Bloop Bubble Bump

Suit up and get ready for action! Bounce off, bounce on, bounce into, bounce away in our bubble suits and have a bubble bumping good time with your colleagues and team mates! Bloop has been one of our most popular activities with corporate groups because of its versatility. Not only does it cater to all age groups, you can choose whether you’d like to have the games indoors (at a futsal court) or outdoors (on an empty field) and better still, play a variety of different games to match your company’s or team’s objectives and goals! This makes it the perfect activity for carnivals and monthly work socials.

Once inside our Bloop bubble suit, your body is protected and you are practically invincible – run head-on into your colleague (also Bloop-ed of course) and send them flying in the opposite direction! Want some crazy fun and laughter at your next team building or off-site activity? We promise Bloop will deliver just that!

Our Bloop Rental Package allows for a free and easy casual get-together with the option of including trained facilitators to create and conduct a wholesome team building program customised for your company’s or team’s needs.

Cost: From $35/pax
Recommended For: Groups who enjoy some active fun
Group size: min 10 pax
Suggested Venues: Futsal Courts, Empty Fields
Learning Values:

  • Instill Team Work
  • Build Leadership Skills
  • Collaborate towards a common goal
  • Improve communication
  • Sportsmanship