Defining Perspectives

This online virtual activity focuses on communication involving lots of image identification and description, individual’s perspective and their eye for details. Program structure consist of different segments of games, put together in a progressive way, where the group will ultimately work together to piece up a series of images and explain the rationale behind it. 

Communication is the key focus for this program. Participants who are able to pick up details quickly or to visualise what was heard, will have the upper hand in the challenge. A mind stimulating activity to bond teams efficiently.  Activity will be conducted via ZOOM and will include mini icebreakers before proceeding to the main part of the program.

Pricing: from $36 per pax (depending on group size)

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Minimum pax: 8 pax

Maximum pax: 50 pax

Recommended No. of pax: 20 to 30 pax