Mystery Mind

Out-wit your colleagues in our Mystery Mind virtual bonding game! An eye-opener experience as members try to out-smart each other within the group. Each individual will be assigned a role and they could either be acting solo or partnering with other similar-role team mates (under the radar) to achieve their team’s objective. Some will be the werewolves that come out and “kill” at night, while others might play as the medic to heal or save the potential victim. The rest will be the innocent commoners who will have to do detective work and try their best to vote out the bad crops among them to save the village.

Mystery Mind Team Building Game

Mystery Mind challenges the analytical skills of the participants to identify the culprits while they try to make others the scapegoat. This is the ultimate “Inferior Affairs” type of game play which is fun for all ages!

Objectives: Teamwork, Communication, Collaboration

Pricing: from from $29 per pax (depending on group size)

Duration: 1hr

Minimum pax: 6 pax

Maximum pax: 20 pax

Recommended No. of pax: 8 to 12 pax

Participants to have:

  • Laptop with working camera and microphone
  • Paper and pen