Recommended for:

Groups who are seeking fun challenging and interactive mind games.

SPIES are planted into each team to participate in the station-based missions with their respective teams. Team spies may try to sabotage the success of the missions but they want to remain hidden from their team members.

Examples of station-based missions:

  • Photo Zone
  • Draw down the lane
  • Tissue Blowing Chain
  • Flying coin
  • Telepathy Game

In the finale mission, the rest of the participants need to complete a ‘Cluedo’ Task in searching for the missing ‘Cluedo’ cards that are located around the venue.  While the spies in each team try to prevent them from achieving this finale mission, spies need to ensure that they do not get eliminated before the end of the game in order to secure the win.

Group Size:

Minimum 20 pax, Up to 60 pax

Recommended Venues:

Outdoor parks or sheltered locations, semi-indoor/outdoor environment

Learning Values:

  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Logical thinking and reasoning skills