Singapore – Give a FREE LUNCH!

bento box handouts

Covid-19 has certainly reshaped the way people work, earn, and run their lives. Many have lost their jobs and turn to making deliveries to earn a living. Having to adapt to a change in work scope and being under the weather daily is definitely not easy. Delivery personels make multiple deliveries in a day and often is a tiresome and thankless job.

Many of those who were impacted by this situation are delivery & private hire drivers. As many more people stayed home, these drivers & riders worked round the clock to meet demands to send meals to countless families and households.

Why not distribute bento boxes to these essential workers as a way to replenish them during a day’s work and let them feel appreciated for what they do? Many are often on the go, fulfilling never ending orders and have very little time for meals.

One Dynamics organises the preparation, planning and process while your team come onboard on the scheduled day to reach out to these delivery personnels and hand them a free lunch! Companies can also prepare a personal note to encourage and thank this group of people for their relentless work serving the community.

Your team will work in small groups, stationed at different points of Singapore to give out the lunch bento boxes to these group of people, or anyone you deem in need or would appreciate a free lunch box onsite.

This act of kindness will be executed in line of the SMM guidelines applicable during the period of the activity. Contact us via our our online form to organise your next CSR activity like the above!