Team Fitness Workout

group fitness team building

All the working from home arrangements and sitting in front of the screen is making our waist line thicker. Setting aside a short period of time each day/week for some exercises will help to strength our body, and thus make our minds more alert. And that is exactly what we want to help your team achieve – through our Team Fitness Workout team bonding activity.

The instructor will start by get some participants to lead in the stretching exercises. He will then coach a set of relatively easy to do exercise moves and have the whole group to do together. You will be able to witness each member of your team stretching and working out those muscles, while cheering each other on. It’s definitely a feel-good accomplishment activity at the end of the session. Intensity of the session can be adjusted to your needs.  

Pricing: from $40 per pax (depending on group size)

Duration: 1hr

Minimum pax: 10 pax

Recommended No. of pax: 20 pax & up

Participants to have:

  • Mobile Phone/ Laptop/ Computer with Camera
  • Microsoft Teams or ZOOM
  • Ensure there is enough space to do exercises, participants’ safety