creative jucie teambuilding

Drinks on the house! You’ll be creating your own concoction of drinks within your assigned teams to name, package and sell it to the rest of your colleagues. You will be given a chance to unleash your creativity and entrepreneurial skills in developing a new drink which might turn out to be a block blaster in your office pantry. Teams will need to work closely together to iron out all matters involving taste, branding, packaging and presentation.

Cost: From $75/pax
Recommended For:
Groups interested to concoct their own drinks and sell it with a marketing pitch
Group size: min 20 pax, up to 60 pax
Suggested Venues: Indoor venues (function rooms)
Learning Values:

  •   Working with limited resources
  •   Unleash individual’s creativity and entrepreneurial skills
  •   Developing one another’s strengths in a team
  •   Effective planning and deployment of tasks and manpower
  •   Systematic tasting and testing to suit different preferences
  •   Coming up with a creative and suitable marketing package and presentation