Batam CSR Corporate Projects


Only about one in 1,000 turtles survive to adulthood. Hatchlings die of dehydration if they don’t make it to the ocean fast enough. Birds, crabs, and other animals also prey on the young turtles. Our mission is to increase the survivability of baby turtles in our oceans!

We are partnering a resort in Batam to build a turtle hatchery to house the eggs from nearby islands and nurse the baby turtles when they hatch. The goal is to ensure that at least 90% of each batch of hatched turtles make it sucessfully into the oceans. The hatchery will serve as an incubation center for turtle eggs as well as the initial facility to strengthen the baby turtles before they are released back into the ocean.

The call for this project arises when we (The WOW Team) got to know about this resort and understood from the locals that turtles come up to the nearby beaches every year to lay their eggs. Some of the eggs were taken away by locals for food while other times, the baby turtles couldn’t make their way into ocean due to coastal trash.

Since we have received approval from the resort and locals to construct a facility to help with the survivability of the turtles in the area, we are calling out to corporate companies to take part in this project together to donate, contribute or even to physically help to construct this facility for that purpose.

The building of the “Turtlery” (turtle hatchery but we like to call it that way) will enable the turtle eggs to be protected and newly hatched baby turtles to have a temporary home to strengthen themselves before being released to the ocean in the ideal tide situation. This facility will also act as an education center for the locals & students to learn about the importance to preserve our marine life, especially these turtles for the next generation, and how they contribute to the eco-system in the oceans.

Interested in coming onboard to make a difference for the oceans? Talk to us to see how your organisation is able to contribute for this cause. It will be a perfect company retreat for your colleagues when you have everyone getting involved in the building of the “Turtlery”. This can also be an excellent short getaway from Singapore for your company’s team building.

Mangrove Conservation & Re-Planting

Group Photo in Mangrove Preservation

Mangrove forest are such an essential asset in the environment. It’s basic function is to protect the coastline against erosion and damage while its habitat is a home to many wild life. This plant and animal interaction help in generating healthy habitat, giving shelter, food and improving the balance in the eco-system.

Over the years, our mangrove forests are greatly reduced due to urbanisation and land reclamation. Animals lose their natural habitat and many suffer a decline in their population because of inability to adapt to different living environment.

Batam Mangrove Appreciation

Our work in Batam involves partnering with a local NGO to educate the public on mangrove conservation and help to replant more mangrove seedlings around the coast. Each project initiative aims to replant at least 500 seedlings and helps to clean up the washed-up ocean trash which dampens the living condition of the seedlings. Our NGO in Batam will also explain and educate the importance of preserving our mangrove forests and what it can do for us humans.

The trip is often concluded with a contest in mangrove seedling replanting and putting up of the company’s signage at the section of the planting. An annual report, with pictures, can be generated and given to the company on a yearly basis, packed to an annual donation for their conservation work efforts.

Mangrove Planting by Corporate Group (CSR activities)

OneDynamics helps to organise this program for companies who are looking to give back to the environment and to learn about what our mangrove forests are doing for us. We arrange transport, decent accommodation on the island, delicious meals after the “workout” and help to facilitate in the signage making and photos as souvenirs for your efforts. For those groups who are in for more rugged type of experience, we can even arrange tent to sleep outdoors with bonfire, overnight fishing and star gazing! Contact us on that for more information.