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OneDYNAMICS offer a wide range of fun team building games in Singapore and around the region. Our strength is really towards Indoor Team building and Overseas Retreats. If you are looking to have a combination of both Indoor and Outdoor, we have such packages as well. We partner one of our sister companies, advenTOUR Singapore, in the outdoor portions and we do what we do best – INDOORS!

In OneDYNAMICS, we do not believe in having you to swallow down our template how your teambuilding session should run. We take time to listen to what you need and customise a program which will suit you. Over the years, we had listen to our clients needs and designed a handful of new programs, especially to suit them which we are still using those programs now for other companies as well. We also adapt popular TV programs and convert them into effective team building sessions for our clients. Some of these include Amazing Race, CSI Program (Criminal Scene Investigation), Running Man Challenge etc etc