Why the Need for Teambuilding

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For any company to operate effectively and efficiently, there is no doubt that your staff will be your asset and their morale will directly affect how your company performs. Office environment can be stressful if everyone is buried in their work and all the communications in the office is about the boss delegating down the work, scrutinising the work done and employees communicating to one another solely about work. The only “noise” you hear will be the air-con fan blowing, typing and staff venting out their stress on the keyboard and occasional sighs by stressful colleagues.

In OneDYNAMICS, we offer a different environment and bring everyone out of the office to get to know one another better. Some clients actually ask what they can achieve after a team building session with us and were expecting bombastic answers. In actual fact, team bonding has many benefits and they starts and begins within the office. Honestly in that half a day or full day program, how much do you think can we do? Given such a short time dedicated for team bonding and wanting to achieve fantastic results so as not to waste the company’s efforts and money put in, how OneDYNAMICS does it is to focus on breaking the tension, forming bonds and creating friendships between the employees in your office. Our team will stimulate them to share about their personal life, goals, dreams and even struggles. Over the years of studies and researches, we find that this is the best way to integrate and bond a group of people in a short time period and through this bond or common traits, people will relate to each other better. Synergy and cohesiveness will then be developed between each other .

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At ONE DYNAMICS, we believe that no one customer is the same as the other, which is why we want to listen to your Needs and Objective. This allows us to program a customizable teambuilding session that specifically addresses your requirements.

Our Experience Learning Teambuilding Programme is built based on the analysis of Organisational infrastructure mechanics, key factors such as Communication Skills, Leadership Development and Team work are integrated into our programs via the Experiential Learning Model (ELM).

The ELM model focuses on Kolb’s 4 stage learning style of:

1)   Doing (Actively participating in teambuilding program)

2)   Feeling (Emotions derived when working with team members)

3)   Watching (Observation from participant and facilitators)

4)   Thinking (Debrief by facilitators and group sharing by participants)

Through this framework, participants will engage effectively in our Experience Learning Teambuilding Programmes that relates closely to their organisational structure. Through the session, participants will experience an in-depth study of the group dynamics of their team through D.I.S.C.

Understanding group dynamics is important for all the team members to ensure an efficient and pleasant working culture. Therefore, our experienced team has encompassed D.I.S.C as a part of the program to increase the learning experience.

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DISC through Builder Quest

Dominance – relating to control, power and assertiveness

Influence – relating to social situations and communication

Steadiness – relating to patience, persistence and thoughtfulness

Conscientiousness – relating to structure and organisation.

Research has shown that characteristics of an individual’s behaviour can be grouped into four major “personality styles” and they tend to exhibit specific characteristics common to that particular style. Understanding their own and other team member’s characteristics would allow individuals to comprehend how best to work together towards a common goal and limiting conflicts! Using this formula, teambuilding activities are made interesting and unique by our creative team!