indoor teambuilding activity

A modified version of the popularised television game show programme, Minute To Win It! ensures all participants in the team have fun while getting to know each other better! Best programme for groups who are looking for fun and light elements in teambuilding, or even for new work groups or tasks teams who have yet to know each other well enough. This programme involves a series of mini-games which require teams to send members up for the ‘one-minute’ challenges. Participants will attempt to score as many points as they can for each challenge in order to emerge as the winning team!

Examples of minute-to-win-it games:

  •   Fastest Fingers First!
  •   Card Ninja
  •   Floatation Cans
  •   Ping-Tac-Toe
  •   Pencil Mania
  •   Stack-a-challenge
  •   Office Tennis

Cost: From $45/pax
Recommended For:
 Minute to win it is a program that is suitable for groups looking for something exciting, fun and a good warm-up activity to get everyone energised!
Group size: min 10 pax, up to 40 pax
Suggested Venues: Preferably indoor venues or sheltered outdoor locations
Learning Values:

  • Identifying individuals’ strengths and playing to their strengths in a team
  • Appreciating the success made up of a diverse team of individuals
  • Teamwork and coordination amongst members
  • Team spirit by supporting and encouraging members through challenging tasks