DISC through Builder Quest

This program gives participants an overview of how DISC works. Teams will be grouped according to how they perceive themselves to be D, I, S or C and they will be given several tasks to complete within their team – all while additional scenarios depicting a real-life office environment will be thrown into play while observations will be done on the participants’ actions and reactions on each presented scenario.

Cost: From $90/pax
Recommended For:
 New teams or Management who want an understanding of DISC to better focus on where to place individuals and how teams can work closely.
Group size: min 10 pax
Suggested Venues: Indoor venues (function rooms and halls)
Learning Values:

  • Understanding and appreciating diversity in teams
  • Learning about the strengths of each personality type and how to work best together
  • Debrief on each personality type and understanding how this attributes to your work attitude
  • Enables leaders to understand how to motivate specific team members