Outdoor Team Building

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Fun team building ideas Singapore

One Dynamics offer a wide range of Outdoor Teambuilding Programs as well for you to choose from. We are also constantly developing new programs to suit all our customers’ needs. Below are a few samples of our programs. The list is not comprehensive so do drop us your contact details and enquire what other programs we have. You can do this for just half a day or combine it with a Fun Indoor Team Building program to fit your whole day’s schedule. If you already have something in mind, tell us your requirements and you will awe by our creativity and innovation.

Let’s Get ActiveAs Singaporeans get more conscious of staying fit and living a healthy life-style, we want to promote such mindset and routine into the corporate environment as well. This program harnesses everyone in the office to GET ACTIVE through a set of team building program developed around the concept of fitness and healthy living. Always good to get the lazy bones out to keep fit!

Amazing Race Singapore ideas

Amazing Race in Sentosa Island

Amazing RaceAn all-time popular game for everyone. This race is not just a simple treasure hunt but comprises of meaningful traits and teambuilding elements at every station that you visit. You are not only exposed to navigation skills, you will also be having lots of fun and a good time bonding with your colleagues too. The latest edition of our Amazing Races bring to you a technology-centred one where each team will have individual IPads to navigate and complete tasks together!

Monopoly Deal Race Who doesn’t know how to play a Monopoly Board Game or Deal Game? We have managed to design in this game concept to be implemented in our very own city area, REAL LIFE! You can now race to your desired property, buy and built it while getting your rival teams to pay you rent or send them to JAIL! The game never stops twisting and changing with the exciting elements of CHANCE and COMMUNITY CHEST cards you obtain along the way. Just lots of fun for everyone! 

Beach Olympics – As the name speaks for itself, it’s a day out at the beach with lots of fun and laughter. At your desired beach, we will be conducting a series of short games with a punch. You can be bridging a water obstacle, stacking one another on a pyramid or simply playing a few simple modified beach ball games which are suitable for all ages. Whatever it is, it’s a session of pure fun and bonding for your team. 

Low Elements Challenge CourseThe Low Element Course consists of a series of obstacles created to improve on teamwork and unity amongst team members. You can expect to be blinded and guided through the obstacles by your teammates or having to lend a helping hand to friends who are less confident in clearing the obstacle. In any sense, we believe these obstacles are a symbol of challenges, which gives an opportunity to the participant to boast their confidence and bond the team together.

Undercover Mission, Undercover SpiesWho doesn’t like to be Sherlock Homes and be the best detective or play mind games with your team as a spy? This team building program takes the battle of wits and undercover skills to its extreme. Spies wants to get the upper hand to sabotage the teams’ missions while it’s the success lies with rest of the members to detect the culprit before the syndicate triumphs. A super high intensive guessing game that blows your mind completely!

Combat Skirmish Teambuilding at Fort Canning

Laser Tag Team Building

Combat SkirmishThink paintball but in a much safer, fun and relaxing environment. The tagline being “Combat Fun without Bruises”, Combat Skirmish uses infra-red rays to bring across effective teambuilding sessions through combat simulation games with different objectives. Participants are required to think on their feet as an individual as well as a team. 

SM-aRt-T Chase – A Mass Rapid Transport and ART race in Singapore. In this programme, we provide each participant with a loaded value EZ-link card to take our mass rapid transport and travel to 5 designated stations of the MRT line. Each station represents a specific theme – Sports, Nature, Heritage, Art etc. At each MRT station, if teams successfully complete the challenge, they will obtain an advantage to shorten the next leg of their MRT journey.  Failure to complete these challenges will result in teams taking the longer route on the MRT lines plus a forfeit of having to complete specific dares while travelling between the stations.  Some specific stations are ‘wild-card’ stations which will earn teams ‘fast-forward’ cards to progress in their race.

Dragon BoatingDragon Boating emphasises on team work and the never-say-die spirit. Be prepared to enjoy a fabulous work out together and the thrill of cutting through the waves as you row as one uniformed body. If you are looking for an activity that bonds you and your peers, this is the perfect sport for you!

Corporate Team Building in Bintan

Rafting Challenge in Bintan

Rafting Adventure (only in Bintan)- Ever imagined yourself to be stranded on an island? Raft building could be the answer to your survival! Learn basic raft constructing skills in a fun but enriching session. Construct the raft using raw materials and put it to test in the water and using it to achieve some team objectives. Teams will get to challenge each other base on how fast their vessel can travel and creativity in design!

Singapura Heritage Escapade – Think you know the Singapore story? Challenge yourselves through this programme that involves completing tasks and finding hidden ‘gems’ of historical significance, cultural explorations and even food hunts around central Singapore. For visitors, this is a great way to explore our sunny island and learn more about what makes Singapore tick!

Kelong KayakSingapore originated as a fishing village and how many of us have been to a real kelong before? This program enables your team to experience this back to basic feeling in a kelong. They will start off with a bit of kayaking orientation and head to a kelong to learn how life is like on one. Optional BBQ could be arranged as well.

Laser Clay Shooting If you have heard about Clay Pigeon Shooting or Clay Shooting, we are the same but much safer and greener! We can cater for your coporate needs, providing you with the equipments and reliabe service that offers a safe and fun laser clay shooting experience. We can focus on individual or team achievement and tailor a session to suit your individual company needs, whether you want it to be competitive, or just a fun and relaxed session for you and your colleagues. It’s definitely a good session to bond your team together while you coach one another on the techniques of shooting and give encouragement.

Fun Team Building Games

Mini Olympics

Mini Olympics This consists of various modified Olympic-styled games where your group will need to compete with each other to emerge Champion. It promotes team spirit, bonding, team work, encouragement and getting to know one another better.

Running Man Challenge – Modified from the popular Korean variety programme – Running Man, we have a specially crafted version for corporate team building groups! Compete in mini-games, mass games and the final iconic name-tag elimination challenge in our Running Man Challenge. Race to the ends of Sentosa in a challenge to be the last surviving team! Receive your Running Man mission cards via an IPad that continuously prompts you with clues, hints, games and challenges along the way!

ZOVB Team building

Outdoor zorbing teambuilding

Zorbing Are you sick of the typical common teambuilding games where there is no creativity, no fun and no excitement in them? Looking for new ideas for your colleagues to have a session of fun time together out of the office? You are looking at the perfect activity for your group! ZOVBING is an all new activity here in Singapore and would be able to meet the needs for your company. We do this outdoors and some people like to call this “adventure team building”.

Multi-Activities CarnivalEnjoy the best activities all in one day! Ranging from Combat Skirmish, Land ZOVBing, to BLOOP Soccer, Laser Clay Shooting, it’s all the activities in one event. Suitable for large groups of over 300 pax, massive sports day, or family day events.