SMART RACE is a Mass Rapid Transport and ART race around Singapore. In this programme, we provide each participant with a loaded value EZ-link card to take our MRT trains and travel to 5 designated stations on the MRT line. Each station represents a specific theme – Sports, Nature, Heritage, Art etc. If teams successfully complete the challenge at each station, they will obtain an advantage to shorten the next leg of their journey. Failure to complete these challenges will result in teams taking a longer route on the MRT lines plus a forfeit to complete while travelling between the stations. This program is great for those who would like a new twist to the good ol’ Amazing Race challenge on foot. It is less strenuous as participants can take trains to reach their destinations instead of running.

Recommended For: Those who want to try something fun!
Group size: min 10 pax
Suggested Venues: Various MRT lines
Learning Values:

  • Strategic thinking and effective planning
  • Team work and communication skills
  •  Improving time management
  • Maximizing resources