Overseas Team Building

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Overseas Team Building Program

Looking to have your retreat one of our neighbouring countries and don’t know who to trust to organise your event? OneDYNAMICS is the answer for you.

The OneDYNAMICS team has done numerous teambuilding sessions overseas, especially in Bintan and Bali being the top 2 destinations for Singapore companies to go to. Bintan offers an exclusive and slow paced feel whereby the participants will put their phones aside and truly enjoy the beach and serenity of the place. Facilities and food are top-notched to Singapore standards and no one should be disappointed by what Bintan can’t provide. The staff in the resorts are excellent in their service to our guests.

Bintan DBS Teambuilding

Team building event in Bintan

Bali, on the other side, is a tourist heaven. You get good surf, enormous stretch of sand at the beach, lots of food choices and variety, world-class hotels and lots of shopping too! On top of that, they have so many different types of activities which you can do on your day out in Bali. Typical retreats are about 3D 2N whereby 1st day is usually occupied by meetings and seminars while Day 2 will be out in tropical Bali Island doing Amazing Race or experiencing adrenaline pumping activities. Day 3 will be much of a slower pace where participants are usually inclined to do some minor shopping or reward themselves with a good SPA package before flying back to Singapore. There are tons of direct flight from Singapore to Bali, ask us to recommend the best package for you – HASSLEFREE!

world class hotel in Bali

Overseas corporate retreat

If you are looking to travel further or up north in Malaysia, we are able to arrange local Malaysian coach to pick you from Singapore. This not only helps to keep the cost down, you will know for sure that the driver will never lose his way and will bring you to where you wanted to go in the shortest time possible. We have done teambuilding in Malacca, Genting Highlands and even Langkawi (by air of course). Other destinations include Vietnam, Cambodia and many more… 

Book your retreat session with OneDYNAMICS and you will be amazed by how creative and flexible we are to design the teambuilding programs (indoor or outdoor) at your desired destination. All we need is to have our team travel up 1 or 2 days in advance to get logistics and arrangements settled and we will leave 1 crew to lead your team up for your retreat. Everything is planned and will be well-executed when you arrive. This is team building at it’s finest!