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At One Dynamics, we pride ourselves to design and conduct new and fun team building games that are unique for our corporate clientele. These programmes are not offered anywhere else and we customise the games and activity to suit your company’s needs and corporate values. We believe that no team building programme should be the same. In our latest ‘Brick-a-Drone’ team building programme, we involve your team to build, test, fly and even film video footage using drones. This activity harnesses cohesive teamwork, team planning and strategy in an indoor environment, plus the added bonus of trying a totally new activity of building and flying drones together as a corporate team.

Drones Team building program

Brick-a-drone Team Building Game

On the top of the list for our most popular overseas teambuilding activity is the Crystal Lagoon Water Sports Park Challenge in Treasure Bay, Bintan. Experience a water-splashing programme where teams will race through the huge inflatable water park while completing missions along the way. You also get to enjoy the full set of water sports equipment from stand-up paddling, kayaking to water-biking in the middle of the Crystal Lagoon. A teambuilding experience like no other!

fun team building games

Bintan team building program


Introducing to you our latest addition to ONE DYNAMICS Team-building Program: Monopoly Race. Just imagine the fun you have with your work colleagues when you play the board game – Monopoly. And now you get to play it LIVE, travel to different “property-locations”, pay rents, draw lots and more!

Upon reaching different property-locations, teams would have to complete several monopoly related challenges before they can do any actions on the properties. It will definitely be a thrilling and unique experience, not only playing the mini-games together, but also making decisions unitedly as a group!

During the monopoly race, teams would need to make strategic decisions, allocate suitable resources and also handle disagreement if there’s any. This is a game that focuses a lot on teamwork rather than speed, and definitely the newest and most unique corporate teambuilding event you wouldn’t forget. The winning team would be determined by the highest amount of money they collect at the end.

Let’s start the race and may the richest of all be the champion!!!