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COVID-19 Pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home. With the social distancing measures in place, coming together as a group to bond has been much harder or almost impossible. Nationwide, work-from-home is now a norm and it would likely be something that could carry on, even after this pandemic is over. 

Many companies had to adapt and turning to online zoom meetings seem to be an everyday thing nowadays. Given the current environment, there has been increased demand for virtual team bonding games to be held prior to the online corporate meetings within the companies and stakeholders. Responding to the demand surge, the OneDynamics Team came together, after the circuit breaker, to design one such program that fits perfectly for this specific purpose!

Zoom Online Team BuildingOne of the Virtual Team Games Activity, by OneDynamics, lasts about 30 to 40 minutes and is able to accommodate up to 24 pax at one time. (that’s pretty much a good amount of time period, taken from surveys on groups attention span). We cap the number at 24 pax so that we are able to give maximum participation for everyone during the session. The whole group will get to be involve in team activities that foster better understanding of one another, and also to take part in a structured game program, where we inject a little friendly competition among individuals or smaller teams within the online meeting group. Losers, or losing team, will have to succumb to the forfeit requirements laid out by the winning team(s) either throughout the rest of that online meeting duration, or to execute the “punishment” when they get to meet up physically in person the next time.

This 30min (or so) ice breaker game or team bonding session, conducted via ZOOM meeting platform, includes the use of a professionally created third party software which is specially designed for remote meeting activity purposes. Our virtual team building program will definitely help to bring laughters and break the ice before the commencement of the virtual discussion. Book a session with us at the following price guide:

  • Group of 8 or less = $250 per session
  • Group of 16 or less = $350 per session
  • Group of 24 or less = $450 per session¬†

We have lots of other virtual online programmes which are best suited for the new normal social distancing requirements. Enquire within and book a time slot to surprise your team mates over some fun and games ONLINE!!!

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